Lariat Bracelet EXAMPLE

1-2-3 Instructions for Spiral Rope Stitch

Cut a 3 foot piece of Silamide thread, add a bead stop to the end

Pick up 4 beads of your core color (size 8 in blue shown here) and 3 beads in the outside spiral color (red here) onto your needle, push beads down thread to the bead stop

A. Bring needle around and up through the 4 core beads
a. a. CLOSE
B. pull taunt
C with your thumb push 3 spiral beads (red) to the left; Your work should look like this

4. Add 1 bead in the core color (blue) and 3 beads in the spiral color (red)

A Pass the needle through the four 4 core beads (BLUE) and pull taunt

6. Put needle through next core bead (blue), pull taunt

7. use your thumb to push the 3 red beads over to the side so that they sit next to the first set of 3 Spiral beads. Your work will look like this:

8. Repeat from Step 4 until your Spiral Rope reaches the length you want. Remember to push the spiral beads (red) over as you go.

You can add a loop closure if you like. To make loop, add 25 beads to needle, secure end of thread by weaving through spiral beads.
To end opposite end, Remove bead stop and weave thread back through beads making several half hitch knots as you go. You can attach a tassle or button to this end if you like. We added a tassle as shown in the main photo at top of page.

If you would like to add flowers to the spiral do so every 7th pass
Add to needle; core bead (blue), red bead, flower, red bead

Continue working just as you would, passing needle through 3 blue core beads, pull taunt, then back through blue core bead

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