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Miyuki Triangle Beads
Miyuki glass beads are high quality beads imported from Japan. The beads offered here are perfect for using in fringe bracelets. The triangle bead hole is the perfect size for allowing your thread to pass through several times, yet the hole is not so big that your knot will slip through. As you become experienced making fringe bracelets you can move on to different sizes and shapes.

I have a lot more mixes and colors that are not listed, please email me if you are looking for something in particular.
Prices are 30 grams per pack.

Click on image to enlarge view


Christmas Holiday Mix
Size 5/0
Wonderful mix of greens, crystal
and red.

Qty  OOS 30 gr/$4.50

Black Matte
Size 8/0

Flat non shiny color, wonderful with a lusterous pink.
Qty 30gr/$3.60

Black - Opaque Shiny
Size 8/0

Blends well with all other colors.

Qty  OOS 30 gr/$3.60
8/0 Miyuki Triangle Beads

Green - black Lined
Size 8 30 grams
My favorite. This is a dark green lined with black. I use this in almost all my garden fringe bracelets for the base and the fringe.
Qty 30gr /$3.60

Topaz - Cinnamon Lined
Size 8/0

Wonderful fall color.
Qty 30gr/$3.60

Purple - Dark Amethyst Lined
Size 8/0
Qty   30gr/$3.60
Re-Stock Date APR

White - Crystal White Lined
Size 8/0
See enlarged photo for bead color detail,
Qty   30gr/$3.65

DK Violet - Amethyst Lined
Size 8/0

Qty 30gr/$3.60
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